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Centro is more than a multi-social service agency…

Centro is a partnership with Latino and Chicano families. Centro is a place where we offer respite from troubles, understanding to solve crises, education and encouragement to make change, nurturing and healing to strengthen families, art and culture to reaffirm our identity and value, and resources to build a better future.

El Zócalo
1915 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Telephone 612.874.1412 • Fax 612.874.8149
Contact us:

La Escuelita |

4137 Bloomington Ave. South, Minneapolis MN 55407 |

Phone: 612.870.7057

Fax: 612.870.873

Welcome to La Escuelita!

La Escuelita is a non-profit ALC/SES after school and summer program focused solely on academic enrichment and leadership development for Latino immigrant and non-immigrant youth currently enrolled in grades 6-12 in Minneapolis schools. We provide programming in a culturally and linguistically appropriate environment that engages, educates and empowers youth and their families to succeed! At La Escuelita we nurture and promote the many different cultural and linguistic traditions and assets our Latino youth bring to our site recognizing that they enrich and add to our community as a whole.

La Escuelita’s description

La Escuelita (Spanish for “little school”) was founded in 1991 as a result of the collaboration between Chicanos Latinos Unidos en Servicio (CLUES) and Minneapolis Public School District teachers. In 1998 La Escuelita was granted its non profit status 501(c)(3) and became an independent youth development organization that began to build its own administrative structure. Today, La Escuelita is the premier organization in Minnesota that provides academic support for Hispanic students in a culturally and linguistically appropriate educational setting.

La Escuelita’s mission and goals

La Escuelita’s mission is: “To achieve educational equity in Minnesota through academic support and advocacy that empowers Hispanic youth and their families”.

We articulate our mission through these goals:

Goal 1: To reduce the dropout rate among Hispanic students in Minnesota.

Goal 2: To close the Hispanic Achievement Gap in Minnesota.

La Escuelita’s accomplishments

La Escuelita serves Hispanic students currently enrolled in middle and high schools in the Minneapolis Public School District in grades 6th -12th. La Escuelita’s commitment is to continue providing high quality academic and culturally adequate support services to Hispanic students. In 2007 we served 157 Hispanic students in grades 6 to 12 and 92 parents. In 2008 we expect to serve at least 200 Hispanic students and 100 parents. Last year every one of the youth we served remained in school, passed on to the next grade level with academic gains, and all of the seniors graduated and are now attending college with scholarships!

La Escuelita’s services are 100% free of charge. The only support we ask from our youth’s families is to assist their youth’s academic success through encouragement and engagement.

Program services include:

· Bi-lingual MBST and MCA II Reading, Comprehension, Writing and Math courses;

· One-to-One and Small Group Tutoring for homework completion;

· Leadership Development;

· Civic and Social Justice Engagement opportunities,

· Math and Science for Girls

· Cultural Arts in theater, dance, and multi-media with local artists;

· Technology Programs and Access;

· College Prep and Campus Visits;

· Internships with local corporations;

· Health and Self Care for middle school youth;

· Pregnancy/STI/HIV Prevention thru Peer Ed for high school youth;

· Outdoor Recreation and Field Trips;

· Intensive 5 week Summer Challenge Program; and

· Education and Healthy Parenting Workshops for parents

If you are a parent or teacher and are interested in your student attending La Escuelita, we encourage you to click on the appropriate links to find more detailed information about programs, policies, and download the student application form. If you wish to speak directly to someone about recruitment at your school or about your child’s specific needs, please contact our Program Director, Blanca Raniolo, directly at 612-870-7056 or Blanca Raniolo

The Minnesota Network of Latinos in Higher Education is an organization in-formation to serve as a structure for individuals across colleges and universities to communicate, advocate, organize, share resources, and to support and work towards the success of Latinos in higher education in Minnesota. This is an important and much needed opportunity for us to strengthen our connections to one another.

Why This? Why now?

The primary goal of network is to support the success of Latinos in higher education—we are students and/or employees of colleges and universities in Minnesota who are creating this because of the need to have a strong voice and vehicle through which we can advocate for our community’s success in higher education. As our community continues to grow and change in Minnesota, we also need to grow and change the ways in which we have been involved in systems and forces that impact our lives. Supporting Latino success in education is central to ensure our rightful place at the table.

We are excited to connect with you about ideas making the Network your Network. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, etc, please contact us!

Gracias y estas en tu casa! The Executive Comité

Lisa Sass Zaragoza, President:

Raul Ramos, President Elect & Conference Cmtteee co-chair:

Debra Villanueva, Secretary:

Felix Versaguis, Communications Chair:

University of Minnesota

Chicano Studies
19 Scott Hall
72 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-624-6309
Fax: 612-626-7904

La Raza Student Cultural Center

Coffman Memorial Union Room 211

300 Washington Ave SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Check out our Myspace! La Raza SCC’s Myspace


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