Blogs that focus on Immigration and Mpls Hispanic news feed

Here are a few blogs that focus on immigration issues:

Migra Matters is a nonpartisan, educational effort dedicated to making information, news, and opinion about US immigration policy and immigration reform available to concerned citizens.

It is dedicated to the enactment of progressive reform that is practical, rational, fair and humane.

It is affiliated with no political party or organization, but supports those who work towards this common goal.

Citizen Orange is a U.S.-based, Guatemala inspired, weblog founded for the explicit purpose of organizing around global justice. It is the successor to Immigration Orange and operates on the principle that the pro-migrant movement in the United States has the greatest potential for eradicating a host of global injustices and generating respect for peoples born on a different piece of the earth.


Minneapolis Hispanic y Latino News & Info Noticias de Minneapolis

For the same web site with expanded information, including a blurb and the source of the article click here:


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  1. Thanks for linking to Citizen Orange. If you’re interested in getting more involved in pro-migrant blogging, send me an email at kyle at citizenorange dot com. I hope all is well.

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