Response to Iowa Immigration Raids and some articles to read.

Dear Immigrant Rights Allies ~

Many immigrant families that were affected by the recent immigration raids in Postville, Iowa have gathered at their local church, and they are lacking some basic necessities for the many young babies and children that are staying in the church.

In difficult times we have to be united to support our communities – join the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network and La Invasora Radio Station 1400/1470am as we organize a Radio-a-Thon to help the families affected by the biggest raid in the history of this country – this is how you can help:


We need many volunteers to help us to collect the food donations and to answer the telephones this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (May 15-17) all day from 10am-8pmPlease call us at 651-287-0660 to sign-up for a volunteer shift.

Donate Food and Baby Necessities

What: Donations of cereal, juice, baby food, baby formula, and baby diapers (sizes 2, 4, 5) are the most needed donations.
When: Thursday, May 15 (12pm-8pm); Friday, May 16 (12pm-8pm); and Saturday, May 17 (8am-4pm).
Where: The donation drop-off will be at Bloomington and Lake St., in South Minneapolis.

Please contact our offices at 651-287-0660 if you have any questions or to sign-up for a volunteer shift. Please pass this information along to allies who would want to support this cause.

Stay tuned for more updates ~

The Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network


On another note, here is an article from the American Prospect magazine that is “A new anthology of autobiographical stories written by undocumented immigrant college students serves as a reminder that we’re neglecting some of the country’s best and brightest.”

And here is an article from The Nation’s section on Immigration to the US that connects the oppressive laws that focused on African Americans in the early 20th century to the fact that “immigrant Latinos live under a matrix of oppressive laws, customs and institutions.”


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